The Goblin Cannibals Turn to VooDoo with Titan-Forge

September 26, 2012 by brennon

Titan-Forge have shown off some fantastic painted versions of their Cannibal Goblins. Check out the basic Cannibals and the evil looking Cook stirring his lovely pungent stew...

Painted Goblin Cannibals

I'm loving the way they have gone for a bit of VooDoo on their warpaint. I wonder if there should be a Baron Samedi Goblin in there somewhere? Some great savage goblins that would look fantastic on the battlefield. You could do an entirely themed army bringing together the Savage Orcs of Warhammer Fantasy!

Painted Goblin Cannibal Cook

And here is the Cook brewing some horrible fleshy concoction. I was wondering exactly what you would use this for? I guess one of the simple decisions would be as a bit of unit filler within the massed ranks of goblins but there must be something else.

What kind of uses could you find for this Goblin Cook?

Let me know your ideas below!

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