The Possessed Metal Beards Are Given The Render Treatment

January 6, 2014 by brennon

Titan-Forge are firing up the forges for the last week or so of their Metal Beards Kickstarter Campaign and this means that the Possessed Metal Beards are getting rendered as a teaser for you.

Possessed Metal Beard With Hand Weapon & Shield

Possessed Metal Beard With Two Hand Weapons

Those are some evil looking machinations of metal and steam. You can tell they're evil by all the spikes, it's a clear indicator of malicious intent I'd say.

Titan-Forge certainly know how to run a good Kickstarter now in the wake of Drakskull's Menace and of course their fantasy football team. The models are looking great throughout concept, render and sculpting as we've seen in previous looks at this campaign.

It will be ace to see people fielding whole armies of these Metal Beards on the tabletop. Get some painted up Titan-Forge!

Do you prefer the Possessed or the normal Metal Beards?

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