Titan Forge Sends the Armies of Japan to Kickstarter

May 17, 2016 by dracs

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Titan Forge have announced that they will soon be returning to the world of crowdfunding in order to create their whole new fantasy Japan themed army.


Samurai Unit

There is something very evocative about samurai. It seems to be hardwired into our brains to look at a katana and go "cool!" These initial renders are very promising for an army that captures that cool factor and these units of samurai would make an impressive backbone for the army as a whole.

Titan Forge have said that, while this project will be heavily influenced by history, it will still be based upon fantasy, something we see in a couple of the character models they have previewed.


Samurai Commander

Koi Kimono

This project will reportedly be read for Kickstarter in the next two weeks and in that time Titan Forge are hoping to gather ideas for new miniatures from the community, three of which will then be chosen for inclusion.

Perhaps the most interesting point about all this is that Titan Forge have said they will be live-streaming the development process a miniature goes through, so we will get to see exactly what goes on behind the scenes for these sort of projects.

What do you want Titan Forge to consider for the army?

"It seems to be hardwired into our brains to look at a katana and go "cool!""

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