The Titan-Forge Metal Beards Rank Up For Battle

January 2, 2014 by brennon

Titan-Forge have begun the process of finishing off the Metal Beards and it has begun with some updated previews of the Lord character and the first unit. See what you think of these ranked up warriors of steam and grease.

Dwarf Lord

Warrior Unit (Front)

Warrior Unit (Rear)

The unit is looking amazing and it seems like they have really delivered when it comes to this Kickstarter. Saying that Titan-Forge have always done well when it comes to taking care of pledges, stretch goals and the final product.

I admittedly still thought these were bigger than they are, and I was hoping for massive golem style creatures but I think a unit of these as Ironbreakers would be epic.

Dread Cannon

Rounding things off we have the updated look at the Dread Cannon. It now has a steam operated err...operator. That is certainly a better idea than the poor cannon crew getting blown to pieces if the cannon does decide to misfire.

It's all shaping up well!

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