Titan-Forge Raise Funds AND Zomblins

July 5, 2012 by brennon

Titan-Forge are going to be heading to the crowd funding circus of IndieGoGo in an effort to expand their Zomblins army from a few models into a fully fledged army...

Zomblin Bat 'Squigs'

Above is a piece of concept art giving you a taster of what could be coming to a horror filled board near you...

"Hey there! How's your summer going? Here at Titan-Forge things are getting quite hot and it's not because of the weather. Next week we are starting our next project, but this time we will need your support more than ever. Remember our Zomblins and other undead greenskins? We want to make a full army of them and we decided to put the project on Indiegogo to try out the trendy "crowdfunding" way. So stay tuned and spread the word, because there are some crazy miniatures coming your way!"

Titan-Forge Zomblins

As of the moment of writing this there is no campaign for you to go and check out but rest assured we will make sure you get a link as soon as possible. This is an interesting prospect going forward as the Zomblins and many of the Titan-Forge models have been big hits with you guys.

Will you be supporting them?

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