Titan-Forge Roll A Mighty Cannon Off The Kickstarter Line

December 28, 2013 by brennon

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Titan-Forge have some great new additions and previews for their Metal Beards Kickstarter campaign. See what you think of their brilliantly massive cannon below...

Dread Cannon

Above is the Dread Cannon and it's quite the impressive piece of kit. I like the stand for it and the automated nature of it as well, which of course is well in keeping with the feel of the army as a whole.

Steel Miner Preview

This has of course been twined with more regiments getting potentially unlocked including the Steel Miners. All of these units are making me a bit weak at the knees! I'm really tempted by a unit or two and then use Engineers as the 'Champions' of the unit to make a themed force.

Possesed Dwarf Standard Bearer

The Possessed Dwarves are also getting a look in via another piece of concept art for the Standard Bearer. They wouldn't be my cup of tea but it's nice to see the variant and we do know that Titan do 'evil' armies very well so it should be something to look out for if they get funded too.

This is turning out very successful indeed!

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