Titan-Forge’s Metal Beards Aim Their Crossbows

December 13, 2013 by brennon

Titan-Forge have been showing off another model in the Metal Beard army. It looks like they are going to have ranged units as well as melee ones. Crossbows at the ready!

Metal Beard Crossbow Preview

According to the fluff on these they are going to have a selection of weapon options from mighty hammers to big bad ass crossbows like you can see above. It's going to be fun seeing what else they have to offer.

My first thought was to use these to complement an existing army but I was just thinking that you could use these to represent an entire unit in something like Kings of War.

Need a unit of basic Dwarf infantry? Use one massive Metal Beard on an epic scenic base. Need a ranged unit? Do the same, perched atop a rock firing down onto the enemy.

I think this would work awesomely!

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