Titan-Forges’ Throne of Death Takes Shape

October 24, 2012 by brennon

The mighty Throne of Death on which Drakskull will ride is steadily taking shape with Titan-Forge. As a teaser here are two of the miniatures that will feature atop its mighty dais. Check out the Necromancer and the Cannibal Goblin...

Throne of Death Necromancer

Throne of Death Cannibal Goblin

These two will ride along with Drakskull and make sure that his shambling horde is kept in check. I do love these Cannibal Goblins, especially when mixed with the Zomblins for an added sense of story and character. You could easily now do an entirely 'Savage' army of greenskins. The Necromancer is certainly something different too, and I want to find out more about him!

Are you looking forwards to more from Titan-Forge and the rest of their Drakskull's Menace line?

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