The Undead Orc Horde is Starting to Rise with Titan-Forge

July 26, 2012 by brennon

Titan-Forge have an IndieGoGo running at the moment for their new line of Undead Fantasy Orcs. We saw a few pieces of concept art when the IndieGoGo first started out, but now there are some lovely painted models to drool over too!

Doc Orkenstein (Front)

Doc Orkenstein (Rear)

First up is Doc Orkenstein, the crafty and macabre builder behind some of the more horrifying creations. I'm liking his mad cackling pose right now. With the sculpt as it is, there's no reason he couldn't find a way into a Sci-Fi Ork army as a Mad Doc!

Titan-Forge Jawbats

And next on the painted side of things is this flock of Jawbats, ready to swoop down and gobble up any unsuspecting enemy warriors. I suppose if Gollum was facing them he would be shouting "Squigs with Wings!!!"

How do you think the Titan-Forge IndieGoGo project is shaping up?

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