The Mushimen Attack Thanks To Toad King Castings

November 1, 2016 by brennon

Mushimen are attacking from the underground thanks to Toad King Casting who have taken their wonderful sculpts to Kickstarter.

Mushimen (Main)

The focus is on bringing together a neat little warband for use in skirmish games and role-playing games. I'd have to say they'd make perfect myconids in Dungeons & Dragons!

Mushimen Wizard

Led by the Mushiman Wizard the Mushimen are waking from their slumber to spread their pores and infect you all!

Mushimen Spears

Mushimen Braves

The variety of armaments at current extends to spears, hammers/cudgels and axes but there's opportunities for playing around with bitz from your own collection to give them alternative weapons too. I think these more primitive weapons suit them though!

Mushimen Axes

Towering over his kin we have the Mushigiant too who looks like he was grown in a couple of extra bags of miracle grow.


You can also get your hands on some additional terrain pieces as well if you want to start adorning your dungeons and more with a proper flavour of the Mushimen world.

What do you think of these sculpts?

"I'd have to say they'd make perfect Myconids in Dungeons & Dragons!"

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