Mortimer Zachariah Unlocked For Topexx Dominion Kickstarter

December 9, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

The doctor is in! The Steampunk 35mm Minis Kickstarter from Topexx Dominion has unlocked Dr. Mortimer Zachariah of the Gun Metal Medicine Men.

Topexx mortimer

Colonel Mortimer Zachariah is the Chief Surgeon of the famous Gun Metal Medicine Men, an elite trio of skilled healers. He does not stay safely tucked away in some hospital, oh no, he gets into the thick of battle and goes directly to where the wounded are in the field.topexx mortimer2

He and his men make it their job to treat the injured and dying while the battle rages around them, using a combination of elixirs and technomagic, to ensure everyone is healed enough to make it to a hospital for further treatment or immediately rejoin the fight.

topexx mortimer mini

I don't know about you, but with a story like this, I'm dying to know more about the Gun Metal Medicine Men. The Kickstarter is moving right along and now has three 35mm steampunk minis for your collection and ultimately for their Topexx Dominion RPG in the making.

What do you think of the good doctor?

"I'm dying to know more about the Gun Metal Medicine Men..."

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