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October 24, 2013 by brennon

If you're interested in the age old struggle between humanity and aliens then Total Extinction might be the Kickstarter for you. These guys from Sentinel Games are looking to fund the models, rulebook and campaign for this pretty ace looking game.

Total Extinction Captain Set

Above you can see the Captain pledge level which includes some pretty impressive looking miniatures for both the Colonial Marines and the Glorlon aliens.

Glorlon Aliens

Colonial Marines

The game itself plays with either a quick skirmish slant or on a mass battle scale meaning that it should be fun to see it played at varying levels. The system itself is said to be intuitive and uses cards, much like with Warmachine, so you don't need to consult the rulebook all the time. Perfect!



It all looks very promising and you can learn more about the system itself by heading over to their Kickstarter page but here is a little sample of what they are working with...

"To determine the ability and power of a unit or its weaponry we have chosen a system based on multiple types of dice: the more sides a dice has, the more probable the success is. Thus, we roll a D6 (a dice of 6 sides) to cause damage with an assault rifle AR9 of the Colonial Army. Meanwhile we roll a D10 (a dice of 10 sides) to cause damage with a Glorlon Neural Disruptor as it is much more powerful.

This system of different dice allows us to carry out rolls of weapons with different power, or rolls of abilities with different values all together: this way we can roll for damage with assault rifles (D6) and RPG (D12) all at the the same time, and the result will be easily find out by comparing the dice to the armour of the target."

The game is certainly looking like it could be on the right track and it does have some very nice renders indeed. We will be keeping an eye on this one.

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