Playtest Total Extinction & Push It Towards Funding Goal!

November 13, 2013 by brennon

The Total Extinction Kickstarter has been going pretty damn strong and the fight between the Colonial Marines and the Glorlons is edging ever closer to it's funding goal. Check out some of the renders below...

Captain Level Pledge

Colonial Marines

Glorlon Soldier

The 3D work is looking awesome and I have this ace feeling of going back to the days of DOOM and Quake when I see these miniatures alongside a whole load of other retro Sci-Fi movies. The guys behind the campaign are also looking to get some more feedback on exactly how the game plays and they have included links for you to download and playtest the rules!

Glorlon Commander

Colonial ZSU Ekran Anti-Aircraft

You can check out the Rules, Cards and Print & Play Minis by clicking this link HERE. Since it's so easy I don't see there being a reason not to give it a go, even with a few different proxy models! Some of the artwork for upcoming factions is also pretty impressive...

Regulatory Soldier


We might even have to break it out ourselves and find some time to give this game a go. Drop us some comments below on what you think of this campaign and is it something you've pledged for!

Get talking and playing!

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