Great Lumbering Beasts for WWI by Trenchworx

July 17, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Trenchwrox has announced a new product line, WWI tanks.

Tanks of WWI

These lumbering beasts are making an appearance on Kickstarter right now and there are three different models available: German A7V, British MkV, and the French FT.

Painted Prototypes

Now these will be in 28mm and cast from resin. The detail from the painted example models looks pretty good. With the added attention that WWI is getting these days (deservedly so) it is nice to see options available for players. My only thought is this might be better in a smaller scale and most battles I am familiar with during this time period were on a larger scale with trenches and such. But knowing you all out there I know one of you can find a purpose for these.

Will you be adding a lumbering beasts to your arsenal?

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