Trough & Tankard Preview New Fantasy Adventurers

October 24, 2016 by brennon

A new miniatures collection has popped up on social media creating a range of neat Fantasy heroes for use in your role-playing and skirmish games.

Trough & Tankard Logo

Take a look at what Trough & Tankard has to offer...

Dwarven Adventurer

Leading the way we have a Dwarven Adventurer who isn't just on foot but mounted too.

Trough & Tankard (Dwarf)

The miniatures show this beer-swilling warrior readying up his hammer to crush his enemy. Atop his pony he's somewhat less combat ready, instead he is toasting the journey ahead of them with some of the amber nectar.

Trough & Tankard (Dwarf) Alt

The posing for both characters is nice although we prefer the Dwarf on foot - battle ready is best!

Amala The Halfling

As well as the Dwarf another diminutive character has entered the fray with Amala The Halfling Ranger.

Amala Halfling Ranger #1

The miniature is still at the work-in-progress stage and the arrow needs some work but its neat to see her skulking around with arrow in hand ready to take down her prey.

Amala Halfling Ranger #2

If you're looking for some D&D heroes this might be a range to keep an eye on. Hopefully, we'll see some of their painted miniatures in the near future to see what they look like at the end of the process.

What do you think?

"The miniatures show this beer-swilling warrior readying up his hammer to crush his enemy..."

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