Lay The Base For Your Dock With TTCombat’s Harbour Set

July 2, 2017 by dracs

TTCombat have released new board sections to let you set down the groundworks for your industrial harbours.

Harbour Dock Sections

Harbours are a great setting for all manner of games. You could imagine this being either part of a city in Wolsung, or the location for a villainous smuggling ring in the Batman Miniatures Game.

Harbour Concrete Sections

Harbour Damaged Sections

Harbour Gratings

Harbour Industrial

If you were lucky enough to go to the UK Games Expo this year, you might have spotted TTCombat's harbour table. If not, you can see it in our own video from the day.

TTCombat Dock

Have you ever used any of TTCombat's terrain? Do you like these new board sections?

"[This harbour could be] the location for a villainous smuggling ring..."

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