TURN 8: YouTube Update & Mantic’s Sci-Fi Game WARPATH!

June 4, 2011 by beerogre

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OK guys, TURN 8 is on tonight and we have a very special guest!

Tonight we have Ronnie Renton... owner... operator... and driving force behind Mantic Games.

He'll be appearing, to give us some extra special news about Kings of War... and you never know... he might have some extra news for us about other projects that Mantic may be embarking on very shortly.

But that's not all. There may also be a cameo appearance from the 40K-Meister himself... Alessio Calvatore!!!

So join us at 10:00pm British Summer Time for some TURN 8 fun and laughs.

Don't forget your beer and don't forget if you want to speak to us during the show, you can tweet @beastsofwar to ask questions or just send comments.

We'll be having a discussion about the new GW Finecast, so bring your pitchforks!

We'll also have news about YouTube, so you can speculate if you like... you'll get your answers tonight...

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