It’ll Take More Than Cheese in a Trap to Deal with Greebo’s Rats

July 8, 2014 by dracs

The rats are continuing to swarm around Greebo as two new previews appear, including the announcement that their ratman assassin Skitex is ready.


Skitex is a great assassin sculpt, crouched low and menacing in a pose that shows a great level of style and character, and is also rather unique for an assassin mini.

However, Skitex isn't on his own. He is joined by a small, more regular rat carrying a knife and standing on a Greebo insignia shield. My guess is he'd be a little harder for the exterminator to deal with.

Greebo Rats

My guess is that this smaller rat is for use as a game marker or similar such uses, especially given the Greebo logo underneath it.

Still, it's good to see Greebo continuing to bring out such unique and well realised miniature designs. The ninja ratmen have got to be some of their best so far and I am looking forward to seeing them displayed as a fully painted team.

What do you think of Greebo's rodent releases?

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