Greebo Stitch Up a Dinosaur

May 21, 2013 by dracs

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Greebo have been a bit quiet of late but we are assured that there is some more on the way and in the meant time we have a new mini for the great game of Tutatis. Rexy, the Dino Puppet!

Rexy the Dino Puppet

Something tells me this guy isn't much of a thrower.r

The sculpt is awesome. The puppets team of Tutatis have some of the most characterful miniatures in Greebo's range and Rexy here is no exception. He has that cartoony quality which defines much of the Tutatis teams, yet this combined with the stitches all over him and the fact that he is a puppet with razor sharp teeth make him a little creepy.

Let's just hope his eye sight is based on movement and wait for him to walk into the goal post.

Do any of you guys play Tutatis and would you fancy fielding this dino player in your teams?

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