Get Ambushed By Sword & Board’s Mining Guild Goblin

November 15, 2013 by brennon

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Sword & Board Games are racing towards the release of their Kickstarter for Twelve Elements of War and the previews are coming thick and fast. See what you think of their latest, the Mining Guild Goblin!

Mining Guild Goblin

This awesome looking chap is up there with the rest of their sculpts and I think they have got the aesthetic just right for this game. It has a great look to it and the miniatures they have developed have a great 'life' to them.

Since we've seen the Shadow Hold Troll we know they can translate this work into miniatures which is ace! What I like about this model is that it isn't your typical goblin. He isn't a runt and wee, a cave dwelling wimp, he actually looks like he could handle himself in a fight!

What do you think?

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