Sword & Board Games’ Executioner Says Off With Their Heads!

August 10, 2014 by brennon

Sword & Board Games have another neat render preview of what's coming for Twelve Elements of War. This time around it's the Executioner with her mighty axe dispensing justice to call corners of the continent...


The Executioner is somewhat of a mythical figure and while it's entirely possible to hire her services as a warlord there are conflicting accounts abound that she is in many different place at once dispensing her own brand of justice. Is there simple one of them and the rumour are false or is there something more supernatural at work?

The miniature is pretty neat and it's cool to see a twist on the normal interpretation of an executioner. The axe also has a bit of an 'ancient' look to it rather than the typical medieval style which adds to the level of supernatural about the pieces background.

What do you think?

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