Five Days To Unlock Fanciful Steampunk Goodies For Twisted

March 10, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

There's five more days left on the storybook, steampunk skirmish game, Twisted, from Demented Games on Kickstarter. This means there are five more days to unlock more wonderful steampunk stretch goals, including Ariel and the Kickstarter Exclusive steampunk crab, Bastion.DG twisted ks logo2

DG Twisted ariel

This project has brought forward an entire storybook, steampunk universe rich with fanciful characters, stunning miniatures and the perfect quirky terrain to set the scene for your games.

DG twisted bastion close up

To date, the game has made 3 different factions available through the project including: The Dickensians, The Servants of the Engine and the Egyptians, including expansions for each of them. Given the mention of several Guild of Harmony miniatures (a wonderful, existing range from Sebastian Archer) included in the project, we can only assume that they will emerge as playable characters in Twisted.

DG KS noveau & bill

Whether you are looking at this project as a gamer or as a painter and collector, Demented Games is offering numerous options for pledges to cater to any direction you choose. There are beautiful, high quality, metal miniature faction sets to provide minis at a lower price point for gamers as well as stunning resin collectors minis for the painters.

And, if you're the kind of gamer that really likes to set the scene for your games, then you will be blown away by the stunning, whimsical terrain in this project from the creative geniuses at CNC Workshop.

DG KS resin vs metal

By the very nature of Kickstarter providing a launch point for a game system to gain its legs and thrive, Demented Games has brought forward some wonderful freebies for its backers including four miniatures!

DG twisted ks freebies

Trevor the Rat is exclusive metal mini for the Kickstarter backers and will only be available from future events. Trevor comes with a free 8x10 Twisted artwork print, signed by Peter and Sebastian. The Urkin Shooter and Urkin Slasher are free special edition metal minis for qualifying backers, offering alternate, unique sculpts for the Dickensians.

DG KS trevor rat

DG twisted tinkerbelle

The lovely steampunk Tinkerbelle for the Guild of Harmony is also free for qualifying backers, and offers a peek at the involvement of the Guild of Harmony within Twisted. If you take advantage of ordering any of the gorgeous terrain for Twisted, you get two free, steampunk stair steppers to allow useful gaming space on the stairs of the terrain.

And, as mentioned previously, they are very close to adding Ariel of the Guild of Harmony and her Kickstarter Exclusive sidekick, Bastion the Crab.

What about Twisted appeals to you most? The minis? The Story? The Terrain? Yes?

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