Go Hunting Vast Hoards Of Treasure With Twisted’s Carter

April 23, 2015 by brennon

Demented Games have quite the special deal for you over on their webstore as they've offered up their impressive Carter miniature for exclusive pre-sale and it's still there in very limited quantities right now! If you're looking for a fantastic Pulp/Steampunk explorer then see what you think...

Carter (Front)

Carter (Rear)

More on this explorer...

"Carter, the intrepid archaeologist, discovered something remarkable whilst digging under the city of Edfu. Ostensibly searching for the Temple of Horus, he uncovered a cluster of Canopic Jars stored around a strange golden pillar which seemed more modern than the surrounding ruins, yet at the same time felt incredibly ancient. Little did he know that he had found a Node of The Engine, the all powerful entity which drives the very world he lives in."

He's a fantastic model in 32mm scale and made out of resin. The detail is nice and crisp with plenty of opportunity to paint some great metallics with his mechanical boot and test your skills with clothes when it comes to his outfit.

Carter (Art)

As we mentioned above this is a very limited edition miniature and if you don't get it now then you might not be able to pick it up until 2016. Do you fancy going to raid some tombs?

It belongs in a museum!

"The detail is nice and crisp with plenty of opportunity to paint some great metallics..."

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