A Sneak Peek At The Rules For Twisted

June 28, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

Demented Games has been working feverishly on their rule set for their long awaited Twisted. We have already fallen in love with the miniatures and the world they are from, so this is a really exciting glimpse into the character cards and basic rules.

twisted card

twisted card2

The game itself will be a detailed skirmish game with around 6-10 models a side. It's D20 based for most rolls and will use a system where each player activates one model at a time using a deck of activation cards that are sorted each turn.

twisted rules

Their hope is to have the rules finalized in the next year so we can dig into the world of Twisted and find out for ourselves what The Machine is all about.

dodger painted front

dodger painted back

Their good friend, Meg Maples, of Arcane Paintworks, has also just finished a beautifully painted Dodger- just in case you needed a reminder of how splendid this world really is!

Are you looking forward to getting into the world of Twisted?

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