New UKGE 2018 Sponsors Announced [Updated]

November 16, 2017 by brennon

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Following on from a visit to Essen SPIEL '17 the team behind UK Games Expo are ready to announce their first round of Sponsors who will be supporting the show in 2018.

UKGE 2018 Banner

Firstly they wanted to thank those who supported them in 2017...

"We are always very grateful to our sponsors and wish to thank Mayfair Games, Hawk Wargames and Catan Studios, our major sponsors from 2017, as well as Geeknson, Paizo, Osprey Games, Battlefield Hobbies and Wild West Exodus, our Associate Sponsors for their support. Their logos will remain on our banners during this week."

...and as we move towards the new year we'll see some familiar faces and some new ones too giving their support to the largest UK tabletop gaming event.

Warcradle Studios Take Up Major Sponsorship Of UK Games Expo

UK Games Expo are excited to announce that Warcradle Studios who last year attended as Wild West Exodus have decided to return as sponsors for a second year and this time as a Major Sponsor. Richard Denning, director of UK Games Expo said "Warcradle have made some exciting announcements about an expanding range in recent weeks and are really building up a game world to have fun with. We welcome them as Major Sponsors."


Warcradle said "Warcradle Studios are keen to support the UK’s largest independent gaming event! We believe that the UK Games Expo is an important showcase for the industry and a fantastic platform for the public to get involved and see what the future holds for their favourite hobbies."

"As part of Wayland Games Limited, we find ourselves amongst exciting developments within the tabletop gaming industry. We are in a golden age of tabletop gaming and the public can see this first hand at the UK Games Expo, a show we are proud to partner."

CGE Join Us As Associate Sponsors

UKGE can announce that CGE has come on board as Associate Sponsors.  Richard Denning, UKGE director said "The very first game Tony and I played together, at UKGE in 2008, was Galaxy Trucker, which I taught him. Apparently, I missed a few rules as his spacecraft fell apart on the way around the course! Anyway, we are excited to have CGE as sponsors and their great games at the show."


CGE said "CGE have been attending UKGE since 2011, but back then, it was just Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules! and a friend of his representing us and we paid him with ice cream. Year after year, things slowly grew… CGE, UKGE, and even Paul Grogan seem to be a little bit taller these days! CGE was one of the first international publishers to attend UKGE, and since we have a strong following in the UK, we are proud to be sponsors of the show. Our demo team look forward to seeing you there."

HABA Take Up Family Zone Sponsorship

The well-known German children's game publisher HABA has decided to sponsor the Family Zone at the UK Games Expo 2018. Christian Vollmer, head of HABA exports, explains why...


"The HABA range includes a multitude of exciting and varied games that challenge, encourage and, above all, bring a lot of fun to children of different ages. With the HABA games, children will be able to learn important key competences that are important for their development, without realizing it. Of course, we also want to bring our games closer to children in the UK and believe that the UK Games Expo is the right place to go."

Tony Hyams of UKGE commented "I have been visiting the HABA stand at Essen Spiel for the last ten years and buying games for my own children. It is exciting to see HABA as Family Zone Sponsors at UKGE so that UK families can discover their great games.

Catan Studio Renews Major Sponsorship Of UK Games Expo

UK Games Expo welcomes back Catan Studio for their second year as a Major Sponsor. Richard Denning, director of UK Games Expo said "Catan was probably the first modern board game I played and opened the door to the hobby to me. It is, therefore, a pleasure to have Catan Studio as a sponsor."


Morgan of Catan Studio said "Catan Studio ™ develops and publishes Catan® games—the world’s preeminent analogue game brand. We look to nurture the Catan community as it grows. Attending UK Games Expo, home of the UK's largest Catan championships, as major sponsors are part of this strategy."

Paizo Return As Associate Sponsors

UK Games Expo is happy to confirm that Paizo will be back as an associate sponsor. Tony Hyams of UK Games Expo commented, "My passion is roleplaying games and running or playing Pathfinder is one of my favourite pastimes. So it is great to welcome back Paizo as one of our sponsors."


Erik Mona, Publisher of Paizo Inc. said “Paizo’s debut at UK Games Expo 2017 was a pivotal part of the Starfinder RPG launch, and players at the convention were some of the first in the world to play the new game. In 2018, Paizo is proud to return to the convention in force with an exciting new program filled with game demos, designer appearances, and early access to the latest from the worlds of Pathfinder and Starfinder!

UKGE is a must-attend show on the international tabletop gaming scene, and Paizo is honoured to be a part of it.”

Greater Than Games Join As Associate Sponsors For 2018

UKGE is happy to announce that Greater Than Games is coming on board as associate sponsors for 2018. Tony Hyams said "UK Games Expo is excited to get the opportunity to develop a new partnership and to explore a whole new range of games and designs from this exciting and innovative publisher"


Greater Than Games said in their press release, "Greater Than Games is pleased to announce its first-year partnership with UK Games Expo as an Associate Sponsor."

"Greater Than Games is proud to support UK Games Expo with demos of many sought-after titles, such as Spirit Island , Lazer Ryderz , Fate of the Elder Gods , and Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game , as well as previews of upcoming releases such as Legends of Sleepy Hollow ."

"Whether new to the tabletop hobby industry or seasoned enthusiasts Greater Than Games provides a tremendous selection of titles that has something for everyone."

Games Workshop Announces Partnership With UK Games Expo

First up we have Games Workshop joining forces with UKGE!

Games Workshop Large Logo

UK Games Expo is delighted to be able to announce that Games Workshop is joining as a Major Sponsor. Tony Hyams, director of UKGE commented: "Games Workshop is a household name in gaming and they joining us as major sponsors is a great boost to the hobby and to Expo."

Games Workshop said in their press release, "In 2018, the greatest miniatures company in the world will be partnering with the UK’s largest independent gaming event. Games Workshop is proud to be supporting the UK Games Expo with demos, previews and more and looks forward to sharing Warhammer with fans both new and old."

Geeknson Return As Associate Sponsors

UK Games Expo is happy to confirm that Geeknson will be back as an associate sponsor. Tony Hyams, UK Director said, "the gorgeous range of gaming tables built by Geeknsons make gaming even more fun."

Geeknsons Sponsor UK Games Expo

Geeknsons commented Whether it's a regular group of friends getting together or a family game night, any game becomes a truly amazing gaming experience with a Geeknson table! With UKGE expanding year upon year, it's the perfect time to help build the UK Board Game scene. What better way than to support one of the largest Board Game conventions in the world!

Osprey Games Renew Their Associate Sponsorship For 2018

UKGE is delighted to confirm that Osprey Games have renewed their sponsorship for another year. Richard Denning, UKGE director added, "with a range of games straddling wargaming and board games, the Osprey Games approach mirrors Expos own aim to be everything about games."

Osprey Games Sponsor UK Games Expo

Peter Ward of Osprey Games told us, "When it comes to bringing together gamers from across the UK and further afield, few shows do it as well as UK Games Expo. The opportunity to discuss and play our games with such a wide range of gamers – from long-time enthusiasts to newbies and families alike - makes this event one of the highlights of our year, and we are proud to support UKGE as it grows from strength to strength."

Keep an eye out for loads more from UK Games Expo over the coming months and watch this space this week as more sponsors are to be announced in the next few days.

Are you going to be attending the event in 2018?

"UK Games Expo is delighted to be able to announce that Games Workshop is joining as a Major Sponsor..."

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