UK Games Expo Update: 3D Board Games, Prototyping & More Game Debuts

May 8, 2017 by brennon

We've got some more news from UK Games Expo that happened over the last week or so to get you excited for the event in June. First up we have a 3D board game from Step Puzzle, The Knight, The Dragon & The Chess Kingdom.

Knight dragon

The game features a race to the top of the ruby castle at the top of the board but it features the special use of glass balls which will trigger when the Knights step on special traps, forcing them to retreat of follow other in-game effects.

It sounds like it would be a great game to play with younger gamers as they are chased around by the dragon and have to think about the best way to make it to the top of this cool looking board.


There are a lot of board games out there right now and Ivory are here to try and make the process a little easier. They offer up a prototyping service to bring your games to life.


They are going to be showing off their skills and talking with those in the industry at the event. So, if you are a budding game designer maybe this is the kind of people you should bump into at the show!


ThunderVaults Ltd is going to be showing off their newest game at the event, Defection.


"The goal is to hire a crew for your ship to save civilians from the war-torn planet of Keleressa and transport them to safer planets, all the while battling through space encounters and defending attacks from rival players.

Different crew members and ships bring different abilities to the table, and the right combination is the key to success."

The graphic novel that the game is based on is currently on Kickstarter right now so you can go and check out more about the world behind Defection before jumping in to find out more.

You will be able to play the game, check out more of their merchandise and talk to the team behind the game at the Expo.

Board & Dice Debut Games

The rather hip and up and coming Board & Dice are also going to be showing off some new games at the event...

Board & Dice Games

Two of their smaller games, Pocket Mars and Super Hot The Card Game (which we have mentioned on The Weekender before) are going to be there. Plus. if you're a fan of craft beer and board games then they will also be showing off Beer Empire at the event too.

Pocket Mars and Super Hot are two quick and easy card games to play with lots of tactical depth to them, making them great for conventions and gaming on the go. Beer Empire is a bit more in-depth but sees you as the head of a new company trying to make ends meet!

Will you be checking out some of these games at the Expo?

"Will you be checking out some of these games at the Expo?"

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