Board Game Event Tickets Now Available For The UK Games Expo

February 13, 2017 by brennon

The UK Games Expo have now made available tickets for their Board Game Events at the convention which runs from the 2nd - 4th of June 2017.

Uk Games Expo

Here's a look ahead to some of what you can get involved with...

Now is the time for players of some of the world’s best and most popular board games to gather together and prove their mettle. Out there are champions ready to claim their title.

The UK Catan Championships return in an expanded format now sponsored by Catan Studios. Players can enter qualifying regional rounds on either Friday 2nd June or Saturday 3rd June with semi-finals and finals of the top 16 players from the UKGE regionals (and others held in the months beforehand) on Sunday 4th June.

The winners get flights and accommodations to the Catan Worlds Championships in Germany in 2018 (Flights paid for by Catan Studios and accommodation provided by Kosmos). Mayfair Games Flagship event, the UK Agricola Championship will also take place on Saturday 3rd June and the winners flies to the World Agricola Championships.

The UK Carcassonne Champion (this tournament is taking place on Sunday) receives £250 from UKGE toward costs of attending the World Championships in Essen during Spiel in October.

The Pandemic Survival Regional will be held on Friday 2nd June and will involve 12 teams of 2 each playing to get the coveted last place in the Pandemic Survival National (which takes places on the main stage at UKGE on Sunday) to join 11 other teams from regionals around the country. The winning team for this event will win flights, accommodation and entry to the Pandemic World championships.

Expo also hosts the Splendor UK National Tournament and the Ticket to Ride UK Championship. Other events include the 7 Wonders Duel which is a new event for UKGE – involving the two-player version of the game and the Mage Wars Arena UK Championship both held on Friday and the first ever Hey, That's My Fish Galactic Championships will be played on Sunday. For the time has come to finally determine the ultimate question. Whose fish is it?

You can find the full list of the events you can sign up to below...

Board Game Event Tickets

...and let us know what you're going to be getting in on. We're going to be there covering the event so we hope to see you playing loads of games!

Will you be attending?

"Now is the time for players of some of the world’s best and most popular board games to gather together and prove their mettle..."

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