Take A Look At EU Championship Prizes For FFG Events At UK Games Expo

April 6, 2017 by brennon

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the prizes that will be available to those that go and compete at the European Championships for a variety of their games at the UK Games Expo this year.

EU Coins

Firstly, anyone who participates will get their hands on one of these commemorative coins. These are an impressive reminder of your participation in this massive event, even if you go out early!

If you manage to crack through to the top thirty-two then you'll get your hands on this rather snazzy looking deck box. Considering the number of folks attending these events this is a huge honour.

EU Box

Here's where it then gets even more impressive as if you get into the top four then you will get a reserved seat at the World Championships.

Finalists & Flights!

Finalists will get themselves a coveted 'bye' through the first round of the World Championship AND they will walk away with a commemorative plaque too.

Champions however then get a fantastic travel package that will assure they can make it to the World Championships. Flights and expenses will be covered by Fantasy Flight Games as well as a hotel room for the event. It seems like you might even be able to bring along a friend.

Finalists will also be able to help inspire cards and more for the games Fantasy Flight produce. So, if you fancy seeing your rules or maybe some alternative art on cards in the future then this might be your chance to be immortalised!

Tickets for these events can be seen over on the UK Games Expo website HERE.

Will you be giving this a go?

"Finalists will also be able to help inspire cards and more for the games Fantasy Flight produce..."

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