Three Games To Watch Out For At UK Games Expo 2017

April 16, 2017 by brennon

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The UK Games Expo is going to be showcasing loads of new games when it swings around over the 2nd to 4th of June 2017. Here's just three of them to watch out for...


First up we have Imps...

"Imps Devilish Duels is a hybrid dice and card battle game for two players. Each player controls a team of four mischievous Imps, each of which has a skill based on their elemental alignment.

To win, you must bring together the best combination of imps for your chosen strategy!"

The game was previously on Kickstarter last year and now it's coming to the UK Games Expo. Triple Ace Games are also bringing their Tag Crowns to the event which is a currency you can accrue from playing games and then spend as they have a real world value, at least in the world of board gaming.


You can find out more about Tag Crowns when you head over to their website HERE.

Four Elements

Next up we have Four Elements which is coming to Kickstarter soon and they hope to then launch the game at the UK Games Expo.

Four Elements Kickstarter

This is a simple looking dexterity game which will have you choosing elements and trying to flick them to get your opponents off the play mat. They are even looking to expand things with some fancy goodies when the Kickstarter launches.

Make sure to check out their Facebook Page for more information.

Elemental Ascent

Keeping with a theme of the elements it appears like we'll also be seeing Elemental Ascent at the UK Games Expo by Errant Sword Gaming.

Errant Sword Gaming

Here's more about this game...

"Elemental Ascent is a strategy-lite, family-friendly title for two to for players.  Players discover and explore a new world, summon fantastical Elementals and extract resources.

They can then construct Elemental Shrines and win the world over for their Element."

Family-friendly certainly fits into the theme of UK Games Expo which is great, and it will be fun to see this being played out. You can check out more from their Facebook Page as they go through development.

Trade Hall Plans Now Available

Additionally, the team at UK Games Expo has now made their Trade Hall Plans available for you to check out and plan your journey...

Trade Hall Plans

Make sure to check it out and hopefully we'll see you at the event this year!

Are you looking forward to it?

"Additionally, the team at UK Games Expo has now made their Trade Hall Plans available for you to check out and plan your journey..."

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