Games Workshop Are Coming To The UK Games Expo

February 21, 2017 by warzan

With little beating around the bush, we've got news that Games Workshop is going to be exhibiting for the first time at UK Games Expo in June (2nd - 4th 2017) on a stand covering a whopping 150 square meters!

Games Workshop

There's not much more news than that right now but we have reached out to the team over at GW to see if they will spill a few beans on their plans for the event. We have no doubt that they're going to be there showing off plenty of goodies from Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 as well as their boxed games like Warhammer Quest, Blood Bowl, and whatever else is still in the pipeline from them!

And, we'll do our very best to bring you the action over the course of the weekend!

The UK Games Expo is shaping up to be quite the event with some big names joining in to make this a massive experience. and if you fancy joining us there go grab your tickets here!

While we wait, though, let's play a game of ... "What would you like to see from Games Workshop at the event?"

"What would you like to see from Games Workshop at the event?"

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