UK Games Expo News: Shop Openings, Ghosts, Gauls & Mantic’s TerrainCrate

April 24, 2017 by brennon

We're going to be rounding up some more of the news that popped up from the folks attending the UK Games Expo which hits over the weekend of the 2nd - 4th of June. So, without further ado let's jump right in!

Germania Magna

First up we had some news out of PHALANX who talked about some of the games they are going to be bringing to the tabletop at the event. Here we have the mighty looking Germania Magna which you see above.

The game is cutthroat and competitive and made a splash last year on Kickstarter. According to PHALANX you won't be having many positive interactions with players in this game so it might not be for the faint of heart!

They will also be looking to expand upon the success of Hannibal & Hamilcar which is on Kickstarter now and will have its pledge manager open when the UK Games Expo hits.

Hannibal & Hamilcar

As well as their historical outings to the tabletop they are also going to be talking about the first 'Reality Show' board game and an upcoming game, Wunderwaffe. Does underwater cooperative war thriller sounds good to you?

Syrinscape Running Cthulhu Live Adventure

Running some industry stalwarts through a Live Adventure at the UK Games Expo, Syrinscape will be delving into madness and seeing if the crowd can get their players killed!


"Join Syrinscape creator and Dicestormers host Benjamin Loomes as he takes on an all-star cast adventure party and transforms the room into a fast and fun gaming experience for players and audience alike with Live RPG Plus.

Along with Munchkin and Dork Tower artist John Kovalic, host of Knightmare Live Paul Flannery, Paizo editor-in-chief F. Wesley Schneider and Call of Cthulhu line editor Mike Mason and Pathfinder Society coordinator Tonya Woldridge, UK Games Expo attendees will have their first chance to play in this event that has become a fan-favorite around the world as audience members contribute to the action via shout-outs, hold-up cards and social media.

Live RPG Plus will take place on Friday from 8pm – 10pm. Tickets are now available from UK Games Expo."

Sounds like this could be good fun!

Ghostel Reprints

One of the games that caught our eye last year was Ghostel which has you trying to spook your guests and get them ousted from your hotel!


The game boasts some amazing artwork and the semi-cooperative nature of the game means that it plays well with younger gamers as well as us old fogeys. We recommend checking this out if you get a chance when you arrive at the event. Take a look on the Tinkerbot Games website for more information.

Mantic's TerrainCrate

As you'll know from our previous Weekender there is going to be a Kickstarter from Mantic this month for TerrainCrate. This looks to bring a series of awesome plastic terrain pieces to the tabletop for your Sci-Fi battlefields, dungeon delving and more.

Terrain Crate

With the event coming up in June hopefully by then we'll be seeing more of the range come to life and they'll have some to show off at their booth! We'll be keeping an eye on the Kickstarter and making sure to stop in with Ronnie and crew when we see them.

Chaos Cards Opens Store

Chaos Cards, a stalwart of the UK Games Expo are going to be opening their own brick and mortar store in Folkestone in Kent on 29th of April.

Chaos Cards

Now that's a massive space to fill but we're looking forward to seeing how the new store looks when it's all finished. Additionally, to thank Expo-goers, Chaos Cards are running a competition in the UK Games Expo's email newsletter to win a copy of Deception or London Dread!

Both of those are awesome games so if this sounds good to you, sign up!

What are you most looking forward to from the UK Games Expo?

"One of the games that caught our eye last year was Ghostel..."

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