UK Games Expo Update: Charities & Getting Your Game Face On

May 15, 2017 by brennon

Here's another round of updates for you on what's coming to the UK Games Expo in just a matter of weeks now. One of the big announcements came as they talked about the Charities that the event will be supporting.


The two charities which will be supported by the event this year are Samaritans and the Children With Cancer Fund. They will be raising money via a few different means including...

  • The profit from the Bring and Buy (we charge a commission on items sold on the bring and buy).
  • The commission on the Maths Trade Run by Playtest.
  • The Charity Auction each day.
  • Cosplayers may also collect via buckets from spaces we will allocate them.
  • All these donations will be given to these charities.

In 2016 the UK Games Expo gave over £6500 to charity which is fantastic.

What's Your #GameFace?

Secondly, the Victoria & Albert museum were kind enough to donate their artwork, What's Your GameFace? to the event which takes a look at the ways in which we're engaging with board games in this renaissance on the tabletop.

What's Your Game Face

The exhibit is currently touring the country but the UK Games Expo will play host to it over the weekend and it will be a good chance to see where your tastes lie when it comes to games.

Games & Companies To Look Out For

As well as these rather awesome sounding opportunities there will also be plenty of companies at the event for you to meet with. One of them is Backspindle Games.


As well as showing off their recent game, Dance of the Fireflies, they are going to be previewing their new project which you can see above here called MourneQuest. They are also looking to host a small tournament for their Luchador! Wrestling Dice game. You can find out more about this tag-team contest HERE.

LongPack Games are also going to be at the event showing off some of their latest and greatest.

Long Pack Games

You might remember that we looked at Unfair when it was on Kickstarter last year but as well as that you'll have plenty more to check out. They have a great mix of games for all sorts so well worth stopping by their stand we reckon.

Medusa Games are also back with their rather exquisite looking game which might just hit the right note when it comes to Vikings with Nine Worlds...

Medusa Games

They will also be showing off a prototype of their new game, Magnificent Flying Machines, and also Tinker Tailor which is a role-playing and set collection style game which acts as a great filler for your nights of tabletop fun.

Last but not least 4Ground are going to be there at the event showing off loads of their terrain on some amazing gaming tables and of course Legends Of The Fabled Realms.


Seems like we're going to see something for everyone when it comes to the UK Games Expo, and in reality that's the big draw of this convention. They cover so many bases and it's a genuinely fun time to be a geek, heading out and experiencing the convention to its maximum.

Will you be going?

"In 2016 the UK Games Expo gave over £6500 to charity which is fantastic..."

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