UK Games Expo Update: Grab The Show Guide & More Of What’s On!

May 22, 2017 by brennon

The UK Games Expo is only a week and a bit away now and there is some great new updates for what's happening at the event. The big news comes with the release of the 2017 Show Guide.

UKGE Guide

The guide contains a rundown of the kind of events you can take part in, the seminars that you can visit, the guests who will be at the event and much more. I'm a big fan of the map as that's always useful for making your way around the convention.

Paizo News

Paizo has put together a list of what they're going to be bringing to the tabletop at the UK Games Expo.


As well as expanding upon the world of Pathfinder they are also going to be showing off Starfinder, their new Sci-Fi RPG for the first time too. There will also be demo games for all of their products and seminars for you to visit where they will be talking about what the future holds for the company too.

Century: Spice Road

If you liked Splendor, a fantastic board game from last year, then you'll want to check out Century: Spice Road which is going to be launching at the UK Games Expo from Plan B.

Century Spice Road

The game sees you playing as a spice merchant, trying to collect points from the market as you put together mixes and trade your way to victory. It looks like a great game to add to the collection, constantly offering up new tactical options for you as you plan out your next move.

It also comes with gorgeous metal coins that make a nice clink when you drop them.

Wotan's War Of The Nine Realms

On the miniatures front, we have a skirmish game coming to the tabletop from Wotan called War Of The Nine Realms.

Wotan News

You will be taking on the role of characters, warriors and monsters from the world of Norse Mythology looking to vie for control of the tabletop. You can visit Wotan at the event in their massive bus and play demos to win some prizes!

Periodic Table Of Games

If you want something to adorn your gaming den then how about this awesome poster, the Periodic Table Of Gaming?

Periodic Table Of Gaming

This has been put together by folks who want to show off just where the essential games sit in our universe. You will be able to buy from the UK Games Expo Merchandise Stand (find it in the guide above) and then it's your duty to frame it and make sure you buy each game on it!

Are you excited for next week?

"If you want something to adorn your gaming den then how about this awesome poster, the Periodic Table Of Gaming?"

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