Meet The Characters Coming To Ulfsark’s Taiyo Dynasties

October 3, 2016 by brennon

Ulfsark Games are working towards their game, Taiyo Dynasties, which features some very interesting characters. Zealot Miniatures have printed some of these characters to show off...


The focus appears to be on creating a range of anthropomorphic characters based in and around Far Eastern mythology and history. Let us know what you think of their sagely Orangutan with his crooked staff.

If you're in more of a combative mood then you might want to check out their Gorilla who is wielding two impressive hammers.


The characters look fantastic and it would be awesome to see more apes and monkeys on the tabletop! The world isn't just populated by these hairy ancestors of ours though as shown by Jason Burn's Portfolio, a 3D artist working on the project.


Wolves, dogs, and more will be joining the range which gets us quite excited. Using Asian mythology or anthropomorphic animals  is nothing new but when you see the polish of the finished projects above you'd be hard pressed to ignore this one.

Will you be keeping an eye on Zealot and Ulfsark?

"Wolves, dogs, and more will be joining the range which gets us quite excited..."

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