Ulfsark Games Funding Metal Polyhedral Dice On Kickstarter

October 27, 2014 by brennon

Ulfsark Games ran a rather cool Kickstarter not long ago to fund a range of metal D6 with intricate designs on them. They looked superb and so they are back to funding once again to help bring out a range of Polyhedral Dragon Scale Dice...

Dragon Scales Black Dice

Dragon Scales Black & Gold Dice

Dragon Scales Polyhedral Dice

There are a whole range of designs to choose from including...

  • Elven
  • Dwarven
  • Techno
  • Roman
  • Gearpunk
  • Celtic

...so quite a lot to dive into and customise to your liking. I think everyone who does role-playing would really like to have themselves a set of nice dice that they can trust whatever the situation (dice luck is a real thing!) so this could well be quite the neat item to have at your disposal.

I am a bit in love with dice and I've picked up so many different packs of dice over the past few months for both role-playing and just general tabletop gaming.

Do you think you'll be funding this?

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