Upgrade Your Rolls With Dragon Bones Metal Design Dice

April 24, 2014 by brennon

Ulfsark Games are upgrading your dice collection with their new Dragon Bones Metal Design Gaming Dice. See what you think of them for your wargaming and indeed role-playing needs...

Dragon Bone Metal Dice

Sneaky Dice

The dice are made of solid metal and have a number of different designs etched into them from Elvish to Dwarven and more. The folks behind the campaign are also looking ahead to doing a fundraiser for d20's and more following the success of these d6.

Dice Designs

As you can see they have already unlocked the Roman, Techno, Celtic Knot and Gearpunk designs. With the Gearpunk design these would be perfect dice for use in a game like Warmachine. The heavy weight dice work well with a heavy metal game!

Go and check them out, the campaign has gone very well!

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