Something Nasty Dwells in the Forests of Spellcrow

May 28, 2012 by dracs

Spellcrow have now released their new horrific denizen of the sylvan depths of the woods. The Demon of the Woods!

Spellcrow - Demon of the Forest

This vicious looking guy looks as if he could deal some serious damage to anyone who defiled his forest realm. Kinda like the love child of an orc and a dryad.

Paint him slightly differently and he could be an eye-catching addition to a Beastmen army for Warhammer Fantasy Battles, or maybe he could simply be a lord of a forest "dungeon" which your heroes have been trying to escape from.

Whatever you might use him for I think he is a rather nice, menacing elemental figure and easily lives up to the expectations one would hold for Spellcrow's fantasy range.

What other uses can you think of for this guy? If he had a different paint job would he be suitable for other roles?

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