Underfire Wargaming Paint Up Their Wul’kin Commander

July 11, 2014 by brennon

Since last we spoke about them Underfire Wargaming have got Neuicon to put paintbrush to miniature and get to work on making their Wul'kin look very nice indeed. See what you think of their Wul'kin Commander that is looking ten times better in my opinion!

Wul'kin Commander #1

Wul'kin Commander #2

The detail looks great and the miniature once again is quite the looker once you can get at the details a bit more. As people mentioned before you could easily slip these into Deadzone, make them part of a proxy Tau force or indeed find any number of different uses for them in other Sci-Fi games too. I very much like these and can't wait to see a whole squad painted up.

You can find an unboxing of these miniatures from Neuicon above this story which shows off the different components you get to mess around with.

Are you converted on these Wul'kin?

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