Have A Go At CLUE, Alien Vs. Predator Style From USAopoly

April 12, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

I can't help it. Yes, I know it's still the game, CLUE. Yes, I know I have three other versions of the game already- but I can't help it. It's Alien Vs. Predator CLUE from USAopoly.

AVP clue

It's all your favourite who, where and with what action in the setting of the AVP universe.

Inside The Box

Someone is going after the Alien Queen and players must decipher the clues in the cards to determine the facts. For a start you will be using a range of different weapons at your disposal to find the Alien Queen.

AvP Tokens

The game also comes with a unique board and plenty of cards which you will be twining together with the Predators in order to search these locations for your target.

AvP Character Cards

AvP Cards #2

You will be moving around the various areas of the island looking for the Queen. If you find yourself Questioned (via question marks or other cards) you can be forced to enter battle for rewards, or maybe the Colonial Marines will make it one step closer to the Queens lair.

AvP Board

If the Colonial Marines ever make it towards the Queen before you then they claim the prize of her head and you lose the game. It wouldn't do to lose in such a dishonourable fashion.

Alien Day 426

All of this might seem a bit out of the blue but it isn't! In actual fact this coincides rather nicely with Alien Day on April 26th. This day will feature all manner of interesting Alien-based events including The ALIEN: Ultimate Trivia Challenge.

"Every 42.6 minutes a new ALIEN trivia question will be presented via the official Alien Anthology twitter account, @AlienAnthology."

Interestingly this version of CLUE will be one of the prizes that you can snap up on that day. To enter for the trivia contest and more you can check out the link above to the Alien Day website.

Will you be adding a new game of CLUE to your board game library?

"The game comes with a unique board, a variety of Predators to go after the Queen and interesting different weapons for the hunt..."

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