Check Out The Brits Joining The Deadly Vampire Hunters!

January 7, 2015 by brennon

As well as all the Russians joining in on the Vampire Hunter experience there's also some British models planned. From both the South and the Midlands we have Joshua and Jade...

Joshua - London

Jade - Birmingham

Joshua comes armed with a one handed flamethrower and a rather seriously cool mask and armour set-up whilst Jade gets herself a wrist-mounted crossbow and she's wisely bought along a stake as well to make sure she can finish the job. It's nice to see that they're paying attention to actual areas of the UK too since Joshua is from London and Jade is from Birmingham - not far from me!

ID Card

As well as the new miniature previews they also showed off one of the ID Cards or statistics cards that you'll be picking up for your hero. I like the style of it and it feels like a bit of a Resident Evil vibe seeps off of it!

How do you think the game is shaping up?

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