Cracking a Safe Was Never So Fun! In Vaults on Kickstarter

August 2, 2014 by stvitusdancern


You could work for a living, or you could make money the old fashioned way, cracking Vaults. I stumbled on this new Kickstarter, Vaults, by Four Hogs & Ludibooster, and it looks like an absolute blast!

Vaults cards

This is a Steampunk, competitive card game for 2-4 players where the object is to get into vaults the fastest and make the most money. The mechanic of the game is great because it's easy to understand but also offers a great opportunity for strategy to make it a very fun game. Each player must assemble a crew to crack vaults and each vault requires certain skills to attempt to gain entry. Your crew can have a boss, some crew members and some tools to help you get into vaults, and players can also have more than one crew operating at a time. The game play is based on action points, with each player having a base set of 3 action points (which could increase based upon game play). You can spend your action points by recruiting members for your crew, planning your play- which may mean moving members between your different crews, and cracking a vault. There are also interrupt cards which allow players to foil each other's best laid plans.

The muscle

As mentioned before, the object is to crack into vaults the fastest and make the most money to win, and these are public vaults. Now every time you successfully crack a vault, you put the vault on your side of the table and these become your private vaults, which your opponents can attempt to crack the same as the public vaults. This becomes key as players have to announce how much money was in the vault when they cracked it, giving your opponents the choice on their turn to go after the public vaults, which may or may not have anything in them, or perhaps your private vault with the sure thing.

The Tinkerers

The artwork on the cards is just awesome and full of character and the gameplay looks like a real good time.

Care to get cracking?

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