Victoria Show Off Their Finished Adepticon Exclusive

February 1, 2018 by dracs

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Victoria Miniatures have presented the finished model of their AdeptiCon exclusive for this year, a Svargan Colonel named Ursula Chenkova.


Wielding her bolt gun, Ursula is not the kind of officer to lead from the rear. She has been designed to fit in with an upcoming range of Svargan Shock Soldat, giving her command of a group of equally tough fighters.

Victoria has said that there will be 1500 in metal for the Adepticon goody bags, as well as 200 in resin. 100 of these will be sold at the show and the other 100 will be available online, so you still have a chance to pick up this mini if you can't make it to Adepticon.

What are your thoughts on this exclusive sculpt?

"Ursula is not the kind of officer to lead from the rear..."

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