Stay Warm This Winter With Victoria Miniatures’ Accessories

November 16, 2016 by dracs

Victoria Miniatures have released some new accessories with which to convert your miniatures, whether they need to stay warm or carry extra supplies.

With winter coming, it's important to stay warm. So Victoria have released a new set of Universal Winter Arms.

Winter Arms

These combine with great coated bodies to complete the uniform and are suitable for either male or female miniatures. As I have noted before, great coats make everything cooler.

Away from the cold of battlefield, Victoria have provided new Bush Backpacks for those soldiers exploring the undergrowth.

Bush Backpacks

These simple pack and sleeping rolls would be the sort carried by an army on the march, which I think makes for a nice detail. After all, the soldiers aren't always going to line up neatly for a pitched fight and leave their gear back at home.

Have you ever used any of Victoria's accessories?

"As I have noted before, great coats make everything cooler..."

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