Victoria Unleash Their Inner Beast Guard

September 29, 2017 by dracs

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Victoria Miniatures have released a new squad of Broolian Beast Guard, letting you bring a hord of goat headed mutants into your army.

Broolian Beast Guard

Broolian Beast Guard Squad

These models have the classic feel of the old beastmen Imperial Guard models. As chaotic as they look, I could see them  in some more regimented armies as useful shock troops.

Broolian Beast Guard Pieces

The idea of scifi beastmen, both malicious and benign, is a lot of fun. They're rather more primitive than most other soldier models, but their uniform weaponry still gives the impression of a well-drilled unit.

Would you fight alongside mutants like these?

"As chaotic as they look, I could see them in some more regimented armies..."

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