Victoria Miniatures Show Off A Limited Edition Adepticon Mini

February 13, 2013 by brennon

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Victoria Miniatures are well known for making superb bits and pieces for your modelling needs and now they have teamed up with Adepticon to bring you a limited edition miniature. Check out Beast-Captain Torgo of the Broolian Beastmen below...

Beast-Captain Torgo of the Broolian Beastmen

Now that is one special looking miniature. Highly detailed, with the Adepticon logo on his chest and something a bit different from the norm. A perfect model to grab on the day and keep as a painting project.

Maybe you'll even use him within an Imperial Guard force as one of the many semi-human allies that make up their ranks. He would certainly make a rather cool commander, even with the flamer.

Will you be heading to Adepticon?

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