Victoria’s Van Diemen’s Squad Takes War Down Under

December 8, 2014 by dracs

Victoria Miniatures have now released a new re-packed modular squad of their Van Diemen's World Devils, complete with slouch hats and plenty of rifle options.

Van Diemen's World Devils

The slouched hats and colonial style torsos make this a great, Aussie style unit and marks out this unit of soldiers from the others of your army.

This kit is based around the universal rifle arms sets we recently saw from Victoria, and comes with ten weapons of your choice for these men to take to war.

Rifle Options

Victoria are doing a very good job at coming out with a diverse selection to include in your armies, both in terms of models and model accessories. It would be cool to see a whole force based around these designs, but they would also serve well as an elite unit of specialists.

What are your thoughts on Victoria's scifi range?

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