The Plastic Armies Of Carthage Muster With Victrix!

September 10, 2014 by brennon

Victrix aren't quite done with their massed armies of ancient history. The new focus has swung towards the armies of Carthage that are massing at the boarders of the Roman Empire and look set on making them pay for their indiscretions!

Warriors of Carthage

Warriors of Carthage (Miniatures)

The sculpting has begun on these warriors and they're focusing in on making sure that there is plenty of variation in the types of armour and weaponry that you find but still keeping it tied into the same Carthaginian feel. You can see the Carthage Infantry Command element in the 'coming soon' image at the top with some very detailed looking armour on that leader.

No doubt you're going to see an insanely large amount of miniatures in the box and it should all be coming out around Christmas!

Will you side with Carthage?

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