Victrix Ltd’s Romans Prepare To March On Salute

April 21, 2017 by stvitusdancern

Over the past few months, we have been getting looks at Victrix Ltd.'s Romans that they were producing.

Now they are ready to bring them to Salute and show them off in all of their glory.

I think the finished miniatures look quite stunning and I would think Lloyd would be very envious and want them to be part of his army.

The details on the miniatures are nice and crisp and the detail will hold paint nicely.

I have always been a fan of Roman Legions and I would love to grab a few boxes of these. So, if you are at Salute make sure you stop by the Victrix Ltd. booth and check them out.

What is on your list for Salute?

"I think the finished miniatures look quite stunning..."

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