Victrix Start Conquering With The New Roman Legions!

August 25, 2014 by brennon

Victrix have consulted the senate and have obtained the money they need to march to war once more. A whole host of Roman soldiers are heading out onto the battlefield to keep the Empire safe. Legionaries with Chainmail, Pectoral Armour and their Italian Allies are all set to conquer!

Legionaries in Chainmail

Legionaries in Pectoral Armour

Italian Allies in Mixed Armour

You did indeed read the number of miniatures on each of these packs right. You do get sixty miniatures in each of these packs! All of these look very cool and I think that if you went for a few of these boxes you could have a whole army assembled in no time.



Italian Allies

Fighting in this ancient period is something that I'd like to try out through Hail Caesar but it's one of those games where I think you'd need to find some dedicated players to really get you stuck into it. It's a shame because there are loads of awesome miniatures out there for armies like the Romans and Greeks.

Some very cool boxes Victrix!

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