Brian Jacques’ World Of Redwall Comes To Life

April 29, 2013 by brennon

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While this isn't explicitly tied into a wargame, board game or card game I had to mention this Kickstarter from Soma Games where they are trying to bring the world of Brian Jacques' Redwall to life with Warrior Reborn...

Redwall Concept Art #1

Redwall Concept Art #2

Redwall Concept Art #3

The world of Redwall is a fascinating one filled with heroic animals from Mice all the way to Hares and Badgers facing off against dastardly Rats and Stoats in a world of fantasy and intrigue. Soma Games are hoping to bring this to life in a video game and before that through the highly successful game, Minecraft.

Redwall Abbey Minecraft

Essentially there was never a concrete plan of the Abbey but Soma Games are hoping to recreate it through Minecraft, potentially invite you to come and explore it and then develop the lands around it with you in an interactive setting.

Redwall Species Size Comparison

This campaign will therefore deliver a Minecraft Adventure Map and the game Redwall: The Warrior Reborn. I would love to see this succeed as Redwall was always a series that I loved as a kid and actually got me really interested in the fantasy worlds. Without Redwall I would never have read The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings!

Do you want to see Redwall become a video game?

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